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Another Newbe


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Hi there everyone.
Just like to say hi there. and tellyou all a bit about us.
My wife and I own a SpeedPro in Grande Prairie AB. We do a 40/60 split in Digital and Cut vinyl. We mainly focus on buisness to buisness sales. We do quite a few vehicle wraps and a ton of cut vinyl signage.
I also am a trainer for the franchise for wrapping.

We are in the midst of buying a new laminator and thats how I found the forum. Our hand crank Drytac unit has served us well but its time to move on.



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Welcome to the group. Check out Dale's "Big Squeegee" Click on the banner below. A great tool for every vinyl/print shop.


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Welcome from Missouri, I am another husband and wife team. Do you people look at you funny when you say you work with your wife everyday?

high impact

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Welcome from Indiana! I also work with my wife almost EVERYDAY! Shhhhhh....and I love every minute of it (well, most) ;-)