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Anybody ever remove these before?


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Has anyone encountered these plastic button type rivets on a big box truck before?

If so, did you just work around them, figure out a way to remove them, wrap over them?

They are 3/4" wide but protrude about a 1/4" with that 90 degree return.


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I wrapped over them. It took some trial an error to get it looking good but basically I made a huge bubble around them while I was applying the panel. I then went back and popped a few holes around the button, and worked the "bubble" in from all the sides (without heat) until it started to wrinkle. Once it started to wrinkle I used heat and worked it all the way to the button.




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Depends. We've already gone over them and it takes some doing.... or designed to not have anything at each particular screw cover. Use a vice-grip/locking pliers and take the screw out from inside and they pop right off. When ya put them back on, just paint 'em to match the area around them.

Nice job there, tex.:thumb:


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I agree with Texas Signmaker. I don't poke holes in the material though. Patience is the key.

Thanks, it's a print_cut we're doing and they are spread out pretty far out across the sides, so we should be able to contend with them pretty easily.