Question Anyone know anything about "Inozetek" vinyl?

Hey crew, we've been asked a few times about ordering in Inozotek vinyl for a vehicle wrap, but we can't find too much info about it online aside from a few reviews about the gloss finish and colours. We're in Canada so it's foolish expensive to get, and we don't do a lot of full wraps like this.

Has anyone used this product before? If so, how did you find it in terms of install/working with? Worth the $$?


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Don't know anything, but that was some tutorial they have. Great looking stuff !!


The wrap institute has some new videos if you're a member. I just finished wrapping a truck with a roll. A few things...

-You can only purchase direct and you need to be an experienced installer to log in and purchase. They asked for several photos, Instagram, web site, facebook for proof.

-20 yd rolls only from what I could gather.

-Very nice finish. The gloss was very glossy. Has a clear top protecting sheet. Clear back liner. Installs similar to oracal, heat is your friend but not too much. It' pretty thick. It is a mixture of Calendar and Cast. It shrinks with heat even before you stretch it so in some cases it wraps itself.

It took me a bit to get the feel for it but over all not a bad product but the install time took quite a bit longer. I'd say 25% - 50% longer for me. Horizontal surfaces even more time and I would highly recommend an extra set of hands for them.

Hope this helps.