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Applebee's To Go


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I am working with a race car driver who has Applebee's as a sponsor. They would like to use the Applebee's To Go logo that is on the Applebee's webpage (white bag with 'To Go' logo on it and black wheels on the bag). It makes a lot of sense for a race car, and it could be real cute. So I go to BoTW and I am not able to get this specific logo, only the standard Applebee's logo. Any ideas?



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I would have my customer go to his/her sponsor and ask ‘Applebee’s to get corporate to send you the files that they want to see on the car. Specify what formats you can use and let them do the work. You just letter it. What happens if you take some poetic license and unknowingly change something and get into trouble ?? :Oops:

No, when you’re dealing with bigger names [national companies], other than your local people, you must do it their way. It’s the safest way.


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I don't believe that.........

the graphic with the wheels is a logo...but I could be wrong.
I have been switching over "To GO" signs with this new logo.


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