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Arlo Kalon is in the building...

Arlo Kalon 2.0

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Guess y'all got another signman from Texas in here. I've been lurking forever, and am amazed at the wealth of generous info in here... lotsa friendly folks (I said "lotsa" - NOT all tho!). Still, this is hands down the finest sign forum on the 'net.

My work covers everything imaginable - except electrical. I've held other design jobs over the years on and off - but mostly self employed. I go WAY back to the days of signpainting... but was also a very early adopter of vinyl. I have NO issues with vinyl v. paint as I've seen in some posts here. ONLY thing I'd say is that I'm definitely in the camp that feels it's a travesty when a clueless individual gets 'em a plotter and says "I do signs". I thoroughly believe tho that there are enough intelligent customers out there who can easily tell the difference between gawd awful mediocrity and excellent design... and WILL pay for the latter.

Enough on that - I don't want to be accused of starting an arguement from the git go! I'll only add that in all my lurking, my "favorites" I've developed are Fred/Doug/& SteveC. Just my preference, but I've never found any of them to have an opinion that I don't thoroughly agree with.

Guess I should end this now... but be prepared - I have a "rep" for having an answer for anything, and little restraint in sharing it unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case MAY be!). Adios.


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adios & aloha
& watch my back will ya... I gotta an opinion on everything too... but no one man can rant on everything, glad to have some help! :thumb: