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I have a customer that is interested in having these flames put on their car. My question is, is it worth the investment? Just wondering because it is the first time I have had anyone want these. Take the risk of just sitting on it for 1 job???
Thanks for input.


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if i had one person wanting these on a vehicle i would buy the disk... because now i have it to use on other projects including much smaller stuff.

but if they only want a really small job the disk may not be worth it. it according to how much work like this you do are expect to do


can't you buy just seperate images from them now? call up customer service... i'm pretty sure they let you do that now... maybe someone can confirm? i saw it in another thread on here just last week, but cannot find it now.


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if they wanted the front wrapped or the whole car i would purchase the cd... because i feel i could use it on other projects. by the way doesn't flame sell a similar cd of fire just not on transparent backgrounds?


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You buy our flame package for only $34.95 and they can be used for a variety of uses, and you have 60 images to choose from. A lot cheaper than some of the options out there...


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I don't believe any of them do, but the digitalflames guy was talking about making some for his. Don't know what became of it...

Fred Weiss

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My suggestion would be to purchase THIS FLAME seamless texture tile and convert it to a pattern in your favorite program then use it as a fill for your choice of a vector flame to define the shape and perform the cutting. By using a seamless tile you will be able to produce any size flame fill for your vector with stunning resolution and image clarity.

The tile will run you $9.95 for the high resolution version and, if you need a flame, we have hundreds to choose from for $4.95 each.

Here's a pic to demonstrate what I suggest.


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the edges of realistic flames are soft and a contour cut could look very strange what color is the car and what color would be around you flames to contour


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Joe Diaz

Why not use the true flame digital art (from whoever) and do them with-in racing stripes. I always thought that looked cool.

This is the one Mike Lavallee did on Overhaulin. But this is the real deal:thumb:

I thought about doing something similar on my car, but decided that's a little too in your face for my tastes.

Maybe when I hit my mid-life crisis. :ROFLMAO:


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I purchased this one and have used it for a couple of projects. Clients could not be happier. and it is only $24.95, so you can make some money with it!

For one client, I contour cut it out, but had to do some scissor trimming after the fact so that some edges weren't so sharp. Either way, it was well worth it.