Automated flatbed cutters for banner, foamcore, etc?


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I was in a big print shop, and I was chatting with the owner about trimming and such - and he commented about how he izune or something like that, and how it does the cutting of banners and such automatically.

He showed me the unit it an it looked like a cnc cutter, but really light duty.

Is there a name for this category of machines?


It's an overly priced CNC cutting solution. I-cut by Zund. There are several other ways to accomplish the same thing for less.


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Any ideas as to what some of these methods might be?

I have some substantial orders of foam core and other misc materials that are a PITA to cut, and very time consuming. Something like this might save alot of time and money in the long run if it truely is accurate.


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a basic CNC router works just fine for me. I have not found a thing I cant print and then cut. Still, 2 guys, 2 stanley's and a straight edge can be way faster with some materials.


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We already have a keencut, as well as a electro trimm plus (this thing is the SH!T); however i'm still looking for something quicker and more accurate.

In addition to the foam core jobs, we also cut alot of 15mil poly prop type product large trade show booths, and they need to have 100% dead on but seams. Alot of times if the show guy is lazy that day his cut might be off and the letters on the seam don't match up well. Hopefully the machine can alleviate this problem.


PS: I didn't actually buy the electro trim plus at full retail, got it at an auction for a STEAL!

Merritt Big Color

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We have a Zund L3000. I can tell you it is one of the best investments we have ever made. Takes the place of 4 finishing guys.

Anyone who tells you different does not own one.

One guy can cut a roll of 60 4 x 8 banners out in 45 minutes.
One guy can cut 500 18x24 coros at about 1 hour (50 sheets)
Plus all the die cut applications including scoring

Plus it never comes to work with an attitude and has only called out sick once in 2 years.