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Background Paint


Sign-Man Signs

When painting MDO background, what paint do you use and why?


New Member
I don't do much MDO, but when I do, I use One-Shot bulletin paints. These have excellent coverage and, if done right, produce a very nice gloss finish. I've also used Ronan Aquacote with good results too, and the good thing is this is water based so clean up is a bunch easier.


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Usually ( but not always ) bulletin paints, ( Ronan, Chromatic ). Because they are made for signs, highly pigmented, and good choices of colors.


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I use 1-Shot lettering enamel (sometimes bulletin and sometimes Ronan) on the rare occasion that I do use MDO. I hate that stuff and would rather use regular A/C exterior plywood...it lasts longer and doesn't delaminate!

Richard Flint

New Member
What's always worked for me.....if the MDO is not pre-primed :Chromactic Block-Out Primer finished with Chromactic Bulletin Top Coat. Always important to use compatible paints.

I've also become a fan of the Laminators LusterBoard. It has a plywood core with pre-finished laminated aluminum sheets on both sides. Comes in a variety of colors.


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1-Shot and Ronan bulletin paints for almost everything.

Reason is because they were designed with that in mind.

Craig Sjoquist

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here in Florida with MDO 1-shot lettering or Colorwheel there best brand gloss
like 1-shot because it holds up better then bullintin or aquacoat used it for years also but fades in a 2 years ..lately been using Colorwheels gloss with great results ...one reason it drys fast can start layout and letter same morning applyed and lasts a long time with a shine and color with seems like no fade
thank you n enjoy life