Banner stand for pickup truck bed...


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Howdy from the Kansas Plains!

I've got a client that wants to have a banner stand in his pickup truck bed when it is parked at events. It's an F-150 and he doesn't want to wrap it, but he wants to be able to advertise with a banner in the bed of the truck and I'm not sure what might work for this instance.

Any suggestions?


Joe Diaz

We strung up a banner in-between the posts of our ladder rack on our truck bed for a trade show one year. It worked great. Obviously you don't want to drive across town with the banners still attached. But if the vehicle is parked or maybe going through a parade it works.


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Just when he's parked....Park the truck, set it up for the event, stay for the event, tear it down, drive away.


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If the banners are to go length-wise on the truck then simple magnets will do the trick (assuming someone will monitor the truck).

For the bed, make or buy anything suitable for the budget as long as it is rust-proof.

To get it tall on the bed, a nicely painted (and free) shipping palette going across the bed would work.

On a stand-alone unit suggest he weight it with water containers which can be drained after the event.


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Stick some 2x2's or aluminum poles into the holes at the corners of the bed and just string up the banners between them. You should be able to box it to create a display that's viewable from all four directions.

Explain to him that the event organizers will likely ask him to remove any unauthorized signage if he's not paying to advertise at their event. So his banners probably won't last very long.

Then sell him on the wrap instead.


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He will most likely be an authorized vendor of his product at most of his events. I like the "box" idea.