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Barn clip art (ever seen this one)

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
It would take longer to find it than to just hand trace it ... or send it to The Vector Doctor and cut it tomorrow morning.


New Member
BOOKS A MILLION/BARNES & NOBLES.....sells the old DOVER CLIPART books.....i know that one is in THE BUILDINGS...book


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Still it looks like a pretty easy trace job. May be quicker and less expensive to just re-create, vector doctor can do fast and for not a lot of money if you can not. It would be a good one to learn on if you wanted to try it.

Good luck

Timothy Davis

New Member
I sent it to vector doctor.

I tried to trace it and re-scan it and ended up with pretty much the same thing I hade before using AI CS2 to trace it.

I think next time I will use a smaller sharpie, or smaller felt tip pen.

I am learning to do the art myself but this is a job that I forgot to get done earlier in the week and don't have alot of time to play with it.

I may keep working on it after the job is done just to get more comfortable with it.


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take pic you have, scan it.......save bitmap. take in to corel/ill and blow it up to fit on a std paper sheet, print it.
now take a sheet of tracing paper, tape it to printed one.
SHARPIE NEW one.....do not push down on it let it lay the line you just move it. now after you have it traced..with NO CROSSED LINES or INTERSECTING lines, it ready to be scaned/vectored.......i used STREAMLINE 4.0 and it does great.....might be whats inside CS2 since stremline is adobe. now once you convert save it as AI/EPS. now take into corel/ills and give it a HAIRLINE, AND THEN REMOVE ANY FILL COLOR....now you got a vector image that you can breakapart.....and manipulate all the lines....so you can make a cutable object...

The Vector Doctor

Chief Bezier Manipulator
FYI, here is what was sent back


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The Vector Doctor

Chief Bezier Manipulator
Just wanted to clarify I sent an actual vector file to Mr. Davis. The sample in my previous post was a jpeg preview of the quality achieved.