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Hello and thanks for any help in advance. I have been extracting files from acrobat and "placing" them in illy, due to the fact that the fonts kept defaulting. It has been working fine but now the fonts are going back to default. I have tried several times to follow the same steps that were advised from before but to no avail. Please I have about 40 more prints to print by tomorrow. Help ASAP would be most appericiated.

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these steps?

1. Create a new file, any size will do.

2. Click on File -> Place and select the pdf file. The dialog box will show link and template. Checkmark on Link but DO NOT check template. Click OK

3. The file should display with the bounding box around it. Now click on object -> flatten transparency in the menu. You will get another dialog box to come up. Make sure raster/vector balance is set to 100% vectors. Also check "convert all text to outlines". All other checked boxes are not of great concern when it is the missing font you are after. I have attached a screen shot of the "flatten transparency settings. Click OK.

4. YOU'RE DONE! You now have a pdf file and you did not need the fonts in order to open. IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that this does not help you out if you want to edit the text. If that is needed, then you must buy the font. This simply allows you to open up pdfs without having the necessary fonts installed.

5. The only thing left may be a bounding box that you can remove. In Illustrator, I click on the direct selection tool (shortcut A on keyboard). Drag across the bounding box only. Hit delete twice, and that is now gone.


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are you "checking" the link at the left? and then flatten transparancy, check top 4 boxes, hit ok.
don't place the files... open them

If you open the pdfs in illustrator you will need the fonts the files include.

You can also open the pdfs in photoshop and print from there.

Also you can print the pdf from acrobat.

Also you can save the pdf in acrobat as ps or eps.

What never works for me is to place a pdf.

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It works 100% of the time, which is why I posted this tip. You have skipped/missed a step. You indicated that it was working but no longer so something on your end has changed


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Thanks so much, I really appericiate the quick response. What saviors you guys are. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!! Thank you again so much :)