Blueprint Business Card. Critique

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Here is a design I just came up with for a local BLueprint business. Made it look like a set of bounded plans. The floor plan in the background I actually drew up a couple years ago for my parents.

Let me know what you think.



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Abosolutely not.

Make the text look like it's the blueprint instead..........................

I like the idea of the end and stuff.


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Hmm, sorry I think this is way off the mark. I saw the subject and I got excited, cause I have done lots of graphics that were kinda "blueprinty" years ago. This is way too clean, way too stark, way too "desktop publishing".

You have a great opportunity to push the boundaries here. Do a google image search for "blueprints" and see what comes up. Most of them are blue, with simple, monospaced white type, lots of grids, lots of borders, lots of small, all caps type placed in boxes. I would have so much fun with this, I'm jealous... push yourself!


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I think stylistically, the guys are trying to suggest something like this. The first one is a landing page for the company website while a web developer actually creates the site itself and the second one is the avatar used on forums where the company is a paid vendor.


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