Brushed aluminum ACM outdoors?

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My customer wants a ACM panel with brush aluminum finish for his building sign. It will be black on silver, so I planed to use cut black vinyl, leaving the bushed aluminum exposed... But I'm wondering if that's a good idea, will the aluminum oxidize quickly? Would it be better apply printed and laminated clear?
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Village wanted a brushed aluminum sign for a traffic roundabout. I used stainless faced DiBond. Not cheap, but not worrying about corrosion either.


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The material has a clear coat finish on it so the aluminum won’t oxidize. That clear finish however will start to break down and chalk out after 3-4 years in Arizona at least. If we spray clear urethane over the panel and vinyl or printed graphics it will last quite a bit longer.


When I was looking at Brushed Aluminum ACM awhile back most of the stuff offered by sign suppliers was for interior use only. I have a buddy that manufacturers architectural cladding and facades and I get sheets of brushed aluminum ACM from him that is actually made for exterior purposes. The ones I get from him are made by Alpolic and they have a 10 year warranty.


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We did this property, all full 4x8 sheets of Brushed DiBond with standoffs. Not how WE wanted it done but the customer.. They've held up fine.


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