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Bullzeye Sign & Graphics Co.


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Hello guys,
Just want to say thanks for all the "hello's" and "good luck"s. So my Versacamm is on its way and I am signing lease papers tomorrow on my new space. I cant believe I am taking that leap, but it is a great feeling! I wanted to get your opinions on shop showroom ideas. Any pics? I know I need to buy some examples of most of the things I offer, but do you guys have any clever ideas to make a showroom top notch? I have an old vintage gas pump that has been decal'd with my logo, it should look great in there lit up. Any ideas would be great!


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Welcome Aboard Rickey! The showroom? Do as your heart desires and have fun with it!:Welcome: 2 :signs101:

Hey Rep, nice work on that curved gold in your Avatar!
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Wild Hare

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Welcome! For my showroom, I reproduce my favorite customers' signs, scaled down. People love seeing signs that are familar to them and lets them know that I have done a lot of work in the area.


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HI and welcome.
You may want to show the process involved from concept to finished project with a series of photos(and explanations) on the wall. Have substrate materials on display as well as various grades of vinyl. Photos of successfull installs.
Install an "employees only" sign at the entrance to your shop door from the display area. Leave a few issues of various sign magazines lying around your showroom. But you might want to remove the back pages where all those people are advertising coroplast signs for 99 cents...lol.
Good luck.


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Welcome, recommend you don't "buy samples of things you offer"; unless of course you buy from me :), lol. Get the machine running some ink and put your samples that you make while getting to learn the product; at least this way what they see is actually what you know you can do and deliver.

Good luck


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Welcome to the group. Have fun setting up the showroom. It's your space, do whatever you want, be creative.

Craig Sjoquist

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Buy or build only what you need to do the job on hand...4x8 table is a good start .....start with 10 signs you need for your self, ..make them the most challaging you CAN DO ....use the R and make differant ways you can do this....place on showroom walls from plain to fancy and keep adding as time goes on ....write your plans, goals, motives etc. on paper and read them from time to time date it also...wish ya well...
thank you n enjoy life