Butyl Carbitol


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ArtBot, I saw your post in another thread about Butyl Carbitol and if I understand correctly, this is the same chemical used as cleaner for Mimaki printers/ solvent inks?

If so I found some at Sherwin Williams’s chemical division store for 25.00 a gallon.



carbitol is just an extra ingredient in a good homemade mix of cleaning solution for the JV3. artbot's posted a good recipe that also includes mostly butyl celusolve and acetone, with the carbitol being a slight addition.

I get all my ingredients from a local chemist, but Sherwin Williams should carry it all too.


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This stuff works great! I fine that adding a little more Acetone cuts the dried ink better. Have jets firing a fine line of fluid now on all 8 jets. Did it all while in printer. Also... changed cap at docking station. :toasting: