Can someone explain why this happens in Flexi?


This absolutely drives me crazy. usually before I send a print cut job, I go to view the contour cuts to make sure they are today I have 6 different decals..the shapes are identical just the info inside changes and I have them all set up before ready to print. I decide to view the contour cut to make sure and out of 6 I see only 2 have a contour cut. naturally I click on each one and select from the drop down menu to make a contour cut on each of the 4 that did not show a cut and every one indicates that it is a contour cut. I go back to the view option and again only 2 of them show contour cut...What the hell is going on?

I sent the job out to print but won't know until after I laminate and put it back in the cutter if indeed they are contour cuts. so frustrating


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Make sure your cut line is not white. You wont see it in Production manager.


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Sometimes the cut lines won't preview in RIP or PLOT/CUT window if the CutContour Strokes are a different color. To be sure, I always select and release all cut contours, then convert them to outlines, then convert to contour cut, and set the stroke color to magenta. ALL of our files are set with a magenta cut line with the cut line at the top of the files.


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ty... but how do they not turn grey when being designated a contour cut..that is strange

You can (accidentally, or on purpose) set the contour cut to what ever color you want.
You can set each color to a different set of parameters.
for instance.....
I Set gray to cut at 150 grams of pressure, 30mm per second.
I set green to 80 grams, 15mm per second.....and so on.

That way when i put a cut line around something i just select the color that corresponds to
the parameters i want for the material i'm using
As others mentioned, you likely accidentally changed the assigned color. If you have not used the design editor panel before this is a good way to visualise each component and its attributes (similar to the layers panel in other software, but functions a bit differently).


I try to keep my contour cut lines in either a Lt Grey or a Red.

There are times that a alternate color might be useful pending on the art file itself. A lt Orange or Yellow will illuminate things nicely, but I will have set a color background of a dk blue or black. The reason for this is to preserve your eye to brain sanity. Red on Blue are oppositional colors, and will literally give you a headache if you have to look at that 'ish all day.

Hop this helps.



As Bubba06 posted. Always use the same Color cut lines.
You can set up your cut lines with any color, but before you click the check mark change the color of the cut line to your cut style.
ie. I use Red cut lines for regular straight cuts, so if I have a red background I'll set it up with a white cut line and change it to Red before I check ok.


While in Flexi, have nothing selected and use "Select by Attribute" to select only your contour cut for a much better preview than Production Manager provides.