can this be done easily?


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I have a recurring weekly job that we want to use our gerber edge 2 for, however I am having issues setting up the file properly.

The job consists of 10 prints, 12.25" tall by 96" long, single colour foil printed on white vinyl. I would like to set them up in composer like I have it in the attached screenshot, however, when I go to output the job, it splits the job up into a bunch of 11.8" tall sections.

Ideally I would like it to print panel 1, centred on the vinyl, followed by panel 2, 3, and so on, where each panel can be loaded into the cutter and cut as a whole piece. ( like in the other attached image)

My question is, is there anyway to do this without laying out a 960" long document in composer?

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks in advance!


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i was hoping to set them up like my first screen capture, so I can see all 10 panels easier on screen without having to zoom out on a 960" long document.

if it can't be done like i'm hoping, I will have to do it like that, but i'm hoping there is a way.

Fred Weiss

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Not reliably because of the gaps between each of the panels confusing the software's attempt to panel it. The 960" long solution sounds like how I would do it if I wasn't inclined just to output each panel individually in the first place.

Fred Weiss

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outputting them seperatly would mean lining up the bombsite 10 times, not something I would like to do, I would like to set the plotter up and just let it cut out all 10 panels in one go.

Yes, but the lining up on what you're showing in the way of margins doesn't have to be close, so it's quick enough. You also will only lose one panel if something goes wrong such as running out of a foil in the middle of your 80 foot print run.

Tony Teveris

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There is really nothing you can do in Composer but in GspPlot you can drag in panel lines in between each "sign" that way you get one bomb site, etc