can you print on gloss silver w/ cut contour?


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its hard for my setup to find the registration marks ... i had to set it up in flexi with a box around it that left a little room between the box and the design ,box with no fill but a stroke , then i knew the exact size of the box. so i stuck white vinyl down on the silver far enough in that the edges of the box and the marks would print on the white. so my cutter could then find the marks.
We have printed both blue and black on Oracal 651 silver and coutour cut with no problems. My Graphtec had no problems reading the registration marks.


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I have printed black on silver 651. prints fine. Registration is another story! I use a mutoh cutter and it won't read the mutoh registration box either. I've managed a work around but it's kind of a hassle.

I would say you need to manually align the registration marks if you can do that. I have heard of others putting scotch tape over the registration marks to take the glare off and that seemed to help. Matte laminate might work also.


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i have also printed on oracal silver 651, but prints were so nice! i printed some black logos, but there were lines... color didn't sit down nicely... with cutting there were no problems. But if i get such problem i use paper tape, in decal it around places, where it reads the aligement plotting, so that there is no gloss effect around the lines...


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my graphtec picks them up on reflectives, beige, silver.. the only colors i've had problems with are dark colors like brown.. i just stuck tape down where the crop marks are being printed...

i've also had success post print by masking around the crop marks with tape.