Cannot import .ai file


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Flexi is not letting me import an AI vector. I am using an older Flexi 6.5. Any suggestions. Thaqnks, Curt
Either the file is corrupt or maybe it was saved to a new version. When i send ai files to customers i usually save down to version 8 or version 3


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had this happen recently, I needed to install some updates... and then it happened again, just had to reboot and the problem went away. Saving it as an EPS always seems to work better though, as .ai file susually only import what is on the artboard versus everything on the"whole page".

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If you have Illustrator, it should be a slam dunk to open the AI there, and re-save as an EPS to get it over to FlexiSIGN. If you do not have Illustrator, or CorelDraw or similar, your copy of Flexi (6.5) is roughly 11 years out of date, and will not be able to open any of the newer versions of EPS, PDF, AI, or a host of other file types that have been created in the past decade or so. In that case, you might want to upgrade your software to a more current version.


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You might try sending the file to another location on your computer, then try opening it. No idea why it works, but it has worked more than once with our Flexi 8.x.


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9 out of 10 times when i can't get an illy file to open in flexi, I shut flexi down and start it again and the file imports fine.