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New Guy Central PA

Steve Middleton

New Member
Hello and thanks for having me! My name is Steve Middleton, 72 yrs old, and moved from OK to central PA last fall. I have zero experience in the sign industry and owned a retail music store for 20+ years. I sold the business in 2015, puttered around for a while, and after the move decided I MUST find something to occupy myself. That lead me to laser engraving. I spent several months studying and this spring built a 24x40 metal shop building which I recently finished and the laser arrived a few weeks ago. I started learning Corel in March so I had some ideas BUT it's been a sharp learning curve as you can imagine. Of course the more I studied the project grew so I decided to improve the existing garage with lighting, etc and it will house compressor, sand blasting, planer, saws, dust collector, etc in order to contain the mess. It seems like a huge risk but I've always liked a challenge and it will give me something to do. Hopefully I can develop all that into a business and if not I'll have plenty to do and learn over the next couple years and that will be ok too. Thanks for listening and look forward to getting acquainted!


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Welcome from Cape of Cod. Never to late for us old timers to learn and enjoy doing so.


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Hello from New Cumberland PA ... I'm a trade wholesale shop. Good luck might need some laser engraving