?Changing a pinch roller on a roland soljet 545EX


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I was wondering if anyone has ever changed the pinch rollers on a roland? One of ours has the little rubber roller not attached anymore, so when its moving as it prints, it rolls it around and messes up the vinyl. We called someone to see if we could do it ourselves if they sent us the part, but he said we didnt have the right tools. If they come fix it, its going to be AT LEAST $300. I was curious if he's right, or if we could get the part and do it ourselves. Any advice here would be appreciated.


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You can do this, it ain't rocket science, I just had to take mine apart on my Versacamm to clean a bunch of glue out of them, I just used a small angled pick (Sears Craftsman brand) to remove the small clip on the end, be very careful not to loose the small clips or the small washers that go on each side of each roller. Here are detailed instruction from service manual.


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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! The guy on the phone made it seem like it was impossible for us to do. Looks quite easy actually. AGAIN, thank you sign works!!!