Christmas Gift for Sign Companies Question


I just started my Sign Installation company last October. I do installs for 4 sign companys regulary that keep me busy. I was wondering what or if I should get them a christmas gift. Would this be akward to them? I really don't see how it would be but I wanted to get some feeback from other sign company owners.

I was just thinking about a Christmas card and maybe a Gift Certificate to a restaurant or Home Depot. I was thinking around $50ish.

Any advice that you can give me that would be great. Please don't say I would like to get a 100" printer for christmas. lol

thanks in advance,

Jane Diaz

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We have done different ones over the years. We usually pick our best 10-15 customers and send out something. One year we found some little ornaments and personalized them. Anoher year we bought glass jars with metal lids, almost like a cookie jar. Then we printed their company logo on the circular lid, filled them with Christmas candy and hand delivered most of them. Some had to be shipped. Those were a hit! Another time we did a small wall plaque with their logo that they could display in their showroom or office. You can get really creative with this gift and do something that they WON'T get from their usual distributors or vendor. Eveyone like something with their name on it and you ar in the perfect business to do that!
50 pound box of $5 bills

great quality box of chocolates, in my opinion if you are going to give a cheap o box from the grocery store...just dont do it at all.


We did the clock thing last year. Went and picked up about 5 or 10 of them, put their logos in them, they loved them. Who knows if they were telling the truth, but I'd like one and I don't have one!

I like the cookie jar idea. I'll have to check it out.

You could probably seriously go to the dollar store, and find something to personalize that would be cool. I think people like the "thought" of stuff more and more these days as time goes on and we all get busier and busier.


As a sign company that receives little or nothing in the way of Xmas gifts I think a gift certificate for anything would be appreciated.

it is always a stressful time of year for us to spend money when it is generally slow. I had a guy who made us up these fantastic nut trays with incredibly fresh cashews , pistachios etc... Everybody raved about them and they ran us $35.00 each. Last year I found all these food gift baskets at Sams Club and they went over pretty well.

I also somehow seem to be able to stock up my personal bar with the booze that for some reason just never made it out to the customers hehehe


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Fresh baked items and food usually go over very well. A clock looks cool, but food goes over well with the employees at said companies. Just my $.02

mark in tx

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Scented candles, food baskets, gift cards for restaurants.

Gotten them and given them.

It really is the thought that counts, and with so many people having a bad economy, they are really appreciated.


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We get several gifts each year. But the one we all wait on is the big Ball jar full of whole cashews. It is the shop favorite.

Pat Whatley

I was going to do liquor one year but realized I had no way of knowing if the person was a recovering alcoholic of just didn't drink.

We did 10 pound tubs of "World's Finest" chocolate covered almonds one year, 5 pound tubs of homemade cookies the next, damn tasty cookie tins with custom labels last year.

This year I'm going to work with my list of my top 100 customers.

The top 5 (who all work for the same company) are getting 10 pound tubs of "Worlds Finest" chocolate almonds and $50 gift cards to dinner

Numbers 6-20 will get the almonds (no gift card)

Numbers 21-100 will get a nice card.l


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Since it's only a few companies how about throwing a pizza party for each?
Call ahead and show up with pizza and soda for lunch. You get to smooze too.
looks like a can of spam would go great with it. j/k

i was on an offshore sailing trip where we had been at sea for 22 days and someone pulled out a can of this cheese and i rolled my eyes thinking the same thing....just like spam or deviled blew my mind and i originally am from a place with incredible local dairies and cheese makers.

truly surprisingly delicious


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I personally think that sending a gift is a really good way to enhance your partnership and make it stronger. So why not? Besides, you can get really creative with prints and literally amuse them, make them adore you!



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I hate it when I don't notice that it's a zombie thread till I get to my response from 8 years ago... still it's a good thread to resurrect at this time. I like the clock idea.