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Ciberprint plus cut network trouble


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We just got Ciberprint and cut from SSK sign supply after a horrid ordeal involving signwarehouse and flexisign pro. The software kicks ass!!! It is perfect for anyone who designs in Adobe Illustrator or Coreldraw! The only question I had is, does anyone know if there is a way to use it over a network like Flexi did. Only one person could have it open at a time but you could still open it. With Ciber print no one else can use my usb key off my computer. Is there maybe some way of sharing a usb drive?


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Most programs with dongles or keys are sold as individual licenses, meaning only one instance of the program can be run from the key/computer. Multiple licenses can be purchased with most of these programs but again, each license includes one dongle/key.

I believe Flexi 6.0v4 had a glitch in that allowed multiple users to use the one key but that was quickly changed.

With Flexi, one key = one instance of design + one instance of production manager.


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just read this about cybercut

CiberCut Plus - BEST- To the outstanding value of CiberCut Max, CiberCut Plus adds an expanded estimation and invoicing module called CiberQuote (FREE!) and unlimited networking capability. CiberCut Plus can be used in a network environment on an unlimited number of workstations. Say goodbye to costly "second site licenses" and hello to mobile productivity!

very interesting..



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Thanks for the info Dave, I think it's great when a discussion pops up on a sign product (by a shop owner) & the merchant or manufacturer can also show up with accurate info, & or contact info... that is one of the many excellent opportunities available through boards like this.

Techman, I'm not sure if you are questioning the post by Dave?? or what you meant? Since your informative post included a like to Dave's company, I'm thinking that's not what you were questioning... but if it is, I would say it's nowhere near my definition of spam.. I consider it a well timed & well placed point of information that is mutually beneficial. I never heard of "ciberprint" before, but if anyone searchs for info... this thread should pop up & Dave's post may prove helpful also...


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OOPS.. i some how missed out on the rest of the post. Some one emailed me tellin me I spammed.. I was goona post it ,, but for now ill just wait..