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Color choice error shuts down program


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So, just when things were running smoothly:
I'm cutting some vinyl on the CJ500 with no problem, then hit send for the next plot and up pops a little window saying "Production MFC Application has encountered an unexpected problem and needs to close." And ColorChoice goes down. An hour later, I had installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled ColorChoice and attempted to send to plot 20 times, with one success and 19 failures and the little window pops up every time. (but 1)

Today is the 1st day the new 'puter running the Roland has been on line, so I also disconnected the internet connection and tried several times. All the same error which has details involving "app2.exe" and "ntdll.dll." '

Has anyone experienced this? I did a search and the exact thing was brought up in a Flexi forum which I can't access cuz it needs a flexi serial #. I'll be calling Roland in the am but wanted to ask you here at signs 101.



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Are you running a firewall? If Norton's then you need to unblock app.exe and app2.exe. Do a search in the forum for better instructions if you have Norton's.
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mark in tx

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app2.exe should be the production manager executable for flexi,
Color Choice is a Roland RIP if I'm not mistaken.
ntdll.dll is a windows file that does a system call.

app2.exe does not require internet access to run Flexi.
(pet peeve, production computer on the internet is a bad idea anyway)

Do you have both Flexi and Color Choice installed and running?
2 RIP programs running at the same time would probably be the source of your problems.

ntdll.dll could be getting the system calls from both of the RIP programs at the same time and can't figure out which one takes priority, or tries the give both the same priority, which leads to the crash and error message.

If I'm understanding things correctly, you have 2 RIP programs running, apparently a bad idea.
Just trying to clear things up,
you installed the printer or,
you installed Flexi and Color Choice in whatever order,
and/or installed the printer after the programs.

Suggestions, from my own experience,

Don't put a production computer on the internet.

Start with a clean install of your operating system, yes, wipe the hard drive and start over.
Once that is done, install Flexi OR Color Choice.
Now install the printer.
Install your ICC profiles.

Hopefully that will get you up and running.


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Mark, Dee doesn't have Flexi apparently.

With regard to having 2 rips installed - I have Colorchoice and Signlab print & cut installed. I have noticed if I print something with Signlab, then try to print with Colorchoice I get an error. I need to close Signlab's print manager then it works. No need to wipe the hard drive though, thankfully!


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wiping the hard drive is almost never the best answer..
Wiping is for those who have lots of time.

IE: I have a dell lappy with original install of win 98 se. never a wipe,,, never a reinstall.
same goes for all my other machines. non have ever had reinstall or a wipe..


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Color choice failure update:
Does anyone else hate the whole computer protection thing? I took it offline, uninstalled and re-installed ColorChoice and disabled Norton and it cut 1 job then crashed. So I disabled Spysweeper as well and have cut 6 logos so far without an error. How can I get everything to play nice together? Every computer geek I've had here doesn't seem to know about graphics programs and conflicts. Is it unrealistic to want to be online and produce graphics?
Thanks everyone!

Have you made any changes lately? Did anybody possibly install IE 7? IE 7 has been a problem literally worldwide - giving people ll sorts of problems, as it is still beta.

Just a thought............


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Ie 7?

Pro Signs & Graphix said:
Have you made any changes lately? Did anybody possibly install IE 7? IE 7 has been a problem literally worldwide - giving people ll sorts of problems, as it is still beta.

Just a thought............

What is an IE 7?

Lot's of changes lately. The computer is only a few weeks old. Recently installed adobe CS2 Suite (5 adobe programs) and wireless network to this machine and that one yesterday. Am still having problems on both machines because I had the geek that came to set up the wireless router go ahead and move my email out of the MSN server and into Outlook, which had never been used. (Dumb decision to use MSN server, but I've learned a lot since then)
Anyway Outlook Express wants a password to send and receive mail and everything I've tried with msn tech support has failed to resolve that. I'm afraid if I close the msn mail page I may never get it back, since Outlook is default email server now but WON'T DO ANYTHING!

Note to admin: Please provide smiley ripping it's hair out, or head exploding, melting, cracked, sizzling......

After many years of smooth sailing in the PC world with only minor hiccups, there has been so much trouble this last month that if I were making shop rate to fix it, I may be able to retire!

The geek actually came out to try to extract files from a BRAND NEW 250 gig storage drive that crashed after 5 days in use. Not looking good there.

Anyway, how would I even find an IE 7?


With the internet open - go to "help" and then "about" - there you will what version you have.

Also there are a lot of wannabes running around here. They are not geeks, they are idiots. I cannot tell you how often "I" end up in repair shops and helping others we know around here because of the screw-ups.

PLEASE PLEASE - do not allow a whole bunch of people or many changes to try and correct this situation until it IS narrowed down as to what the cause is..................will call soon.


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Dee who are these geeks? The graphics programs and you printer talk back and forth and these sometimes cause problems with firewalls and spyware programs due to using ports. IE7 is internet explorer 7! What you need to do is figure out which programs aren't working together and find out what you need to do to correct this. hope this helps.


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I believe Dee is up and running smoothly again. We talked to her on the phone and sent her the necessary files and directions and got an e-mail saying everything is A-OKAY. She’s now busy playing catch-up.

Now it's :beer time...


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Update on problem:
I was able to cut vinyl all day after disabling Spy Sweeper. (and a bit of help from Gino on another glitch!) I think it was kicking ColorChoices legs out from under. Now that I know the problem I think theres a way to make Spysweeper leave everything ColorChoice needs alone. I appreciate everyone who stepped forward and offered advice. All of my hair would be gone by now if it weren't for all your help. Thanks!