Color distortion at start of print

I have a Mutoh Falcon Outdoor 46. At the start of the first image in a run I am getting a dark band that starts black then fades to the actual color and clears up after 1/2 inch and doesn't appear on any of the following prints. Any thoughts. I have cleaned the heads, wipers, etc. with no affect.

P Wagner

Sounds like you are describing cross-contamination. This can be attributed to several possible causes, including inconsistent amounts of ink in colors going to the head, maintenance station issues (wicking), and in severe cases, damper problems.


New Member
Definitely a case of head contamination at the capping station. The head is wicking up waste ink back up the lines through the head and until you force some new ink through the lines, it's printing with the cross contaminated ink.

A likely solution is to lower the height of the capping station so the actual head isn't making contact with the foam or fluid in the capping station.