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Geneva Olson

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I need some help here. I have an HP315 latex. I print for this company all the time. The background and the box around the words are the same color on the screen. but when it prints it's washed out. any ideas on what's wrong? I know I'm getting low on ink..but all the rest of the blues are fine.


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Geneva Olson

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Is it at all within the area of your problem ??
The transparency is ONLY where the business name is that was printing correctly.

So what I ended up doing was changing out the light magenta ink and then changing to color in the flexi software itself and it corrected. I'm not sure which solution worked. But it's back to printing the correct colors.

Geneva Olson

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Flatten the entire image prior to exporting for print - should resolve the issue.
PS - JPG can't handle transparency. Probably a TIFF or PNG, but not a JPG.
So I placed a jpg on top of a pdf. do i need to flatten it all to a jpg? I normally do this with no issue. Do you happen to know what happened this time? by chance?