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Constant nozzle firing after head strike

Robert Parkin

New Member
Hi Guys

I was running our old mutoh 1204 valuejet the other day when it suffered a headstrike.

Afterwards I ran a nozzle check and noticed the cyan was continuously firing (photo attached)

I detached the dampers, replaced the cyan ones and ran another nozzle check. (photo attached) This time the yellow continuously fired.

I've heard hints this may be an electrical issue?

Or possibly this has been caused by damage to the printhead itself?

I would appreciate some help :)



New Member
Ours blew the f2 fuse.
When it was replaced this is exactly what it printed.
Replace head and head cables should sort that.



New Member
before your replace a printhead, try simply reinstalling your ribbon cable. the media jam/headstrike may have just unseated its proper connection.