contour cutting with cg-75 fx


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can anyone help me with this? i am not having any luck getting the cutter to read the marks...i am printing and cutting with flexi sign pro 8/1. thanks dan


I had made this up for someone else some time back and should help you some too.... one thing though - my default material width is wider than yours should be as I am using the CG-130FX which is just a wider version of the cutter you have.

The above folder is browseable - read the readme file first. I made screenshots showing my exact cutter config in Production Manager and on the job settings screen. I also listed the options on the cutter itself and took a photo of where exactly I set the cutter to the registration mark. Hope this helps...



change your cutter marks... easiest fix.
There's a type1 and a type2 (one's like a box, and the other's inverted like a .psd artboard, just figure out which type flexi outputted as when you set your cutcontour and change the settings in your cutter to match....
I believe its function>setup>markdetect, but I've only found it by digging around the function menu on the cutter when i changed mine.