Convex Problems


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Hey guys

I have been doing motocross graphics now for 1 year and i have only used convex vinyls from the start.

i have been buying 12mil pro shield and 6mil high bond

problems i am having
*goes very soft in sun when on bikes.
*side number plates where boots rub lifts from corner and tend to pull vinyl away form plastics not like some other vinyls i see that just rub away after time this is happening on first ride.

i also take note of other vinlys being used around track, mine are not the worst but have noticed some with harder laminates and lasting a whole season

Are there better materials on the market to use?
or maybe iam not getting sold convex?
has any one experienced this?


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I don't know all the names so maybe one of those is a laminate, but that was my question... are you laminating them?

also, have you ever tried rubbing the plastic with isopropyl alcohol first? That might make things stick better.


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We have been supplying MX graphics for the last 2 year.
I personally will not use anything else but convex as we had a serious problem using vinyls from LG that cost us a fortune to rectify.
We are using the exact same material and laminate as you and after 12 months we have had not one comeback.
Most problems with materials lifting of panels is because of bad preparation before application, inexperience applying the material and fitting onto old scuffed plastics.



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ok i have used ipa to clean plastics down also brand new and i have been a signwritter for 10 years so fitting isnt the problem.
how long should i degas before laminating and also could be iam not getting should what iam paying for also could you please pm cost and if your able to ship convex to me as it is heaps to buy in australia
i agree with heyskull, sounds like a prep/surface problem. we use convex and never had a problem.
on plastics and mx stuff, preperation is key and very important to make sure the adhesion is good or you will get lifting/peeling etc in corners.