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Corel Draw 12 Problems


New Member
X3 has alot of bugs still.....

font drop-down hangs up..........
I don't use it much but.....how about the improved drop shadow??
can manipulate it....nice............


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This happens on all my machines.

However, It is such a rare useage of toosl that I will not likely have a problem.
Overall. the tracer in X3 is great, that along with a few other nice parts make it well worth the upgrade.

In fact. I deleted Corel 12 ... and soon plan to delete corel 9..


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I would check for spyware...

Probably not the cause but I have had goofy things happen on my pc and find out I had a bunch of trackers running...


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I have had strange things happen with HP computers. One of them was with their own brand of camera wouldn't work on the system but worked on every other computer the system was replaced and still never worked!

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
There's one thing about CorelDRAW X3 I really like which threw me quite a bit at first: the different way how control points are indicated on objects when you have the shape tool active. Nodes that are close together have "callouts" pointing to them rather than stacking numerous points on top of each other. I didn't know what to think of it at first, but in using this new approach it does make things a bit easier for cleaning up stray points from artwork.

I tried the rounded rectangle thing for trying to crash CorelX3 and it didn't happen on my notebook. However, I believe it may be a legit bug since it is happening on other unrelated, differently configured machines (as indicated in previous posts).
Since being a Corel user from early on - I can honestly say that it DOES have glitches here and there. The best solution we have ever found is to load/install Corel BEFORE everything else. We do this anytime a software package acts up. Eventually you end up with a specific order of installation.

Unforunately, although often denied, the more software on a machine, the greater the possibility of crashes. The blame, IMO, is 50/50 - between the manufacturers and Microsoft - AND is one of the strongest traits of Macs, as claimed by their owners.