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Corel X3 updates and patches...


New Member
I just installed Corel X3
I also downloaded the service pack updates from the corel site, but upon trying to install SP1, I get a message that sayz I don't have the required software on my computer
anyone else had this issue?

any help/info would be appreciated...


New Member
Im having this same problem, I have rebooted 12 times now and still the same message. Did you find a fix? any ideas


New Member
is yours a trial version?

Are you installing into vista?

did u activate before trying to install the sp?

A little info would help/


New Member
Suggestion that may help :

Take Ownership of Installation App, Install as Administrator, Install in XP-SP3 Compatibility Mode . . .

Hope you get it figured out . . . !


New Member
Contacted Corel and I guess my version already comes with the updates installed. Thanks everyone for your help