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Corporate Identity Contest Entries

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Fred Weiss

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Okay students ... here are the entries minus non entry posts to aid in your studies.

In the right margin of the home page, you will find a new poll to vote for your favorite. You may vote only once. Voting will end at midnight, Saturday, December 16th.

The entries were great. Good luck to all of you who entered.
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OK, when I first read this, I had something pop into my mind.
So, I had to get it down in some format before I forgot it...


OK, here's my first official submittal.
It includes their stationery, main sign/vehicle graphics and an ad specialty.
If I feel motivated, I may do something a little more creative :)

Havin' fun,



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In keeping with their desire to expand globally and become an international franchise, I've borrowed from Rock Cafe and included the city name for a few franchise locations. And think of the merchandising possibilities! T-shirts, hats, mugs, etc.

View attachment 7893 View attachment 7894 View attachment 7895 View attachment 7896 View attachment 7897

Gino said:
Hey Toucan...

You should be ashamed of yourself. You left out Baghdad, where this is a delicacy.

Road kill is considered top notch over there and served in their finest restaurants left-handed to the public... except for the few that eat at McDonald’s where it’s Camel Dungo Burgers. That’s why they wear those veils… it hides the lizard entrails.

My mistake Gino - I had done one but stupid me in the middle of the night forgot to upload it. I did one for Tehran Iran too. here ya go!

View attachment 7906 View attachment 7905

And here is a new slogan/tagline for them as well.....

View attachment 7908


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Pat Whatley

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Here's a beginning. Full corporate identity on the way.



Oh yeah...with money comes cool work trucks...

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It's better to have two hands than one glove.
I prefer an oblique approach. Understatement is the key to elegance in these matters.


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New Member
OK, here is my take.
The brothers were able to buy a new pick-up and pole building with funding from their meat-grinding/turkey jerky venture.
Since the third man was added after I started, I only have two guys in my pictorial.
However, the secret is in the sauce...looks like cousin JR needed a better plucking.


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Steve C.

New Member
I love Pat's stuff, right now I'd have to vote for Mike Pauls. Very classy
looking. Here's one, if I find time I may do more with it.


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Former member

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Here's my stab at it.

Here's the Letterhead and Business card.to go with my previous post.


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Font Sage
Im thinkin its time those Red Necks come back to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills
And Since there are no Bldg. and Sign Regulations there:Big Laugh
Maybe tearing down one of them thar Uppity Stores and building a nice Shack and settling down there for a spell:wink:


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This layout/design could easily be litigated , here in Canada anyhow, as the company name could be confused with a similar business. Also, I did not check to see if meat.com is an actual website. But its just an exercise anyhow. The photos in the layout are from Corel.
Bon appetit!


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Today's youth have it so hard . . . . remember 9600 baud modems, 8Mb RAM max, DX2-100 micro processors and 8 bit monitors? Man, those were the days! Oh yeah, and we waited 24 hours or better to render a 3-D model . . .


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Dale's Signs

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Ok, I'll try this again


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