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Creation PCut Vinyl Cutter


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Creation pcut includes CX280 (11"), CT-630 (24"), CT-760 (30"), CT-900 (36"), CT-1200(48").

Discuss Creation vinyl cutters here.

Scott Reynolds

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My Creation CT-760 only worked for 10 sec., and then blew up, killed my dog and my roomate! Cool! Im going to buy more and send them to poeple I dont like. LOL


<PS, IM JOKING!!!!!!!!! I hate spam ,,,,,,,,, sorry Fred >


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It's possible that it's Spam, but we should give the guy a chance first. Perhaps he actually wishes to discuss this brand of cutter. :help:

Zengco does happen to be a company that sells these cutters, but that doesn't make it spam so far. If this guy knows about the cutters and people ask for support about them, then it's not spam.

So far, he didn't say anything wrong. He might, but not yet.

I say, welcome to Signs 101 Gary , and perhaps you will be able to help answer some questions without crossing into the spam zone.

Now if we could only get the guys from VMP back on here! Where is 3.0? :cool:
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Man, I wished you would have sent one to me! I paid 500 bucks for a CT630 and here I find out I could have gotten it for free!

Anyway, I can't see doing major projects with the thing, but it seems to cut pretty good for this newbie. Gets my little projects done. The only thing that really pisses me off about it is the Artcut software. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong, but any EPS file I create in Illustrator imports into it with a weird curved line across the graphic and I have to use artcut to fix it all up nice and pretty. I tried saving in different formats and different illustrator versions but still problems. Anyone else run into this problem? And it's not just eps files I've created.. even downloaded EPS files do it too.

My other newbie question. I see people say stay away from chinese cutters but I bet even japanese companies like roland put some parts from good old china in their machines! It's all good. My american car gets me to work as well as a german engineered one would. Maybe doesn't take me from 0-60 from the stop sign as fast but do I really need that? I guess you get what you pay for.



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I'd say in the case of vinyl plotters, you really do get what you pay for...or don't :) Since this is now my livelihood (1 month as a full-timer!!!), I can't imagine putting my trust in some of these cheap knock-offs.


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ohh I agree.

If it was my livelihood I would agree with you. I'd invest in alot more equipment than just a cheap vinyl cutter to start a business! I'd like to think that's not their target market for these cutter and aimed more a hobbyists like myself!



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Pcut 630

I've had my 630 for about a year and a half now and no problems so far. I cut alot of 18" lettering and the biggest thing I had trouble with was tracking. May not track as good as some of the others but if you learn your equpment you can adjust it pretty good. For starting out I would say that the Creation cutters are pretty good. I wouldn't hesitate on buying another Creation product for my shop.


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CT 630 owner...

I've had this plotter for about 3 years now. I do agree that tracking was an issue at first, but I overcame that. ( there's a learning curve) I was advised that the Artcut software was not the best and went with WinPC sign ( letter 12). Since that time I am a Versa-camm user but I still rely on the CT-630 to do my daily cutting chores. I have not upgraded the Win PC(12) software. It cuts. The CT630 is now available for about half of what I paid 3 years ago. The minor problems I've had with this machine were overcome by digging a little deeper. I have run thousands of yards of vinyl through this machine. I am very happy with it.
This is not a promo..it's hands-on use.


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Avoid the cat, bird, master,, and any other chinese cutter.. simple,, they are good for a few people. But those always will say good words. Why? Because they wouldn't wish to be embarrased about buying something that is so low on the food chain.


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Techman, Chris etc.. I think you still reside in the "Made in China" syndrome. It used to connote an inferior product, much the way " Made in Japan" was viewed a couple (or 4 decades ago). Take a look inside your computer. Where are the individual parts made? It may say Intel on the outside..but what is that CPU plugged into? Very good chance those are Chinese ( or Oriental) circuit boards operating everything.
I believe that the North American manufacturing "ideal" has been supplanted by (and rightly so) off-shore industries that know how to build it better.
Toyota will be the # 1 auto maker very soon.
Those low on the food chain will be those not ready and willing to adapt to change.
What's for dessert?


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Techman, Chris etc.. I think you still reside in the "Made in China" syndrome

Nope.. not at all.. All you have to do is read around the BBS's, and chat with a load of other persons using these machines and you will see why I try to influence others not to get a pile of junk. Most ppl do not have mechanical skills needed to tackle a half wit piece of equipment. Theres nothing worse to me than to see a noob suffer when he is most vulnerable. When he has no funds to take care of his needs.

I do agree that tracking was an issue at first, but I overcame that. ( there's a learning curve)
See, even yourself had a challange and had to "overcome" Why does anyone ahve to over come a basic property so important to a good cutter. I NEVER have or had a tracking challange with my anagraph. And I do not hear about tracking challanges with a good name brand machine.

All you have to do is read in this board the countless times someone praised their no name cutter only later complain about some feature that failed them. OR, had to get some service, or worse the failure to get any service. I can't count how many times someone called me asking for help with some machine that used some NON standard unknown inputs code. Or worse yet, have reversed input codes.. When the day comes that we all can support these machines as we can with a roland or anagraph etc. then the trouble may cease.

Plus, computer boards have nothing to do with a cutting machine. Especially when a cutting machine is put together with hot glue and uses poly plastic for bushings held in a stamped sheet metal base.... Your point needs a better connection.


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Techman..or whatever your name..
Any new piece of equipment requires some familiarization..I did that with the CT630. I did that with the Versa-camm. I did that with my cordless drill.... Prob 1/3 the cost of a brand name. I do not disagree that quality tools are the most familiar way to go...at a cost. If you prefer to pay 3X the cost for a new machine, then you are 3 times richer( or dumber) than me. Like I said, I've been using this machine for 3 years..I think that is a fair enough trial.
My point , that you missed, about computer boards , fabricated overseas, Is that the tech is now in their hands.
Yes, you refer to many BBS posts where owners of " cheap stuff" have been stung. WE are talking , on this thread, about the Creation Plotters. You are lumping all "foreign" machines into the same boat.
Have you worked hands-on with a Creation plotter?
Yes or No?


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I had my Roland stolen and at that time was a bit short of cash so I bought a PCut 630. Cost me $1500 and later found out I could have bought 4 for that money.
After having a Roland it was hard to use the PCut because of the lack of features, especially having to setup the width of the material each time.(Automatic with the Roland)
I did manage to use the spare Roland cutter holder without any problem, so I was able to also use the spare Roland blades I still had.
The PCut is OK for the money I suppose, but nowhere near as good as a CAM1.
Tracking is OK if you setup a stand for the vinyl roll and it is square with the plotter, I had a lot of trouble with it until I made a rolling stand for the vinyl. Works OK now, but I still miss my Roland.
Also I found no help from Creation as far as getting drivers, the drivers for Sign Wizard I was unable to get, so I ended up using the crappy software that came with the cutter. (Sign Wizard driver that was supplied from Aries didn't work, just made the cutter go haywire)


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My CT630 did come with the stand and vinyl roll holder. Not an issue. I don't know anything about your Sign Wizard program..never heard of it. I use winPCsign and it did take some learning..what doesn't?


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PCUT CT630 Trouble

Hi Guys,

I just purchased a PCUT CT630, and having some troubles.

I set it up according to the instruction, used the driver provided.

I'm using ArtCut, which came with the CT630, Windows 2000 SP4, USB interface.

Here are my symptoms:

From the artcut, I click on "Cut/Plot" button and the CT630 starts to plot few lines. But, about 2 seconds later, the blade holder goes all the way to the left, pushes the red button, and I get a message "Waiting" displayed on the small LCD screen. At this stage, no buttons work.

When the blade holder is pushing the red button, nothing works, as I (attempt to) physically move it towards the centre again, the CT630 resets.

I used "Test" button in Artcut, the plotter draws a circle/square and the the blade goes all the way to the left again, same thing happens.

Could it be a driver problem? software? hardware?

Can anyone help me?




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seems to me that techmans point was just made with the above post..
oooh thats got to sting.. but seriously I have a summa and no issues ever with any thing load the vinly and go .. I also agree with techman to some degree I feel that the noobs are being misslead with this bs about "good chinese cutters" becouse there is no such thing, if you want to drive a yugo
go ahead its your life but you dont need to take some one with you when you go...//chopper
and if you choose to buy one you know what you are getting into deal with it...you made your bed lay in it...sorry but i feel like we live in this AAA world where everyone wants someone else to save them from their own stupidity over and over again.