cs3 converted files?


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I can't be the only one with this problem, but I need to figure out or understand what it is about cs3 that makes trouble for me. I just purchased Signlab 3 and I hope it can deal with cs3 files a little better than anything else I have. First of all does cs3 automatically encapsulate every file with a mask? If so what is the purpose of the mask? I can get cs3 files open in Flexi but when I break the masks I can lose information that seems attached to the mask, therefore I am unsure of just how to deal with the files. Can a file be made in cs3 and saved as an ai or eps whereby masks are not required? If so what would be the easiest way to describe to customers just how the file should be saved for no problem opening? I ask more about the mask as when I open many of these files it makes no sense why different parts of what look like very straight forward lines of copy have a mask around them, there must be a purpose but I can see none.


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gagaboo, I have those same issues when importing pdfs and ais into Flexi. It is a parsing issue, and I don't know any workaround for it. You won't lose any vector info if you unmask the objects, deselect all and then delete the masking rectangle only. If you simply unmask and delete, then you are not only deleting the "clipping mask" but also the objects that have been masked.