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Cut vinyl

Mark H

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Happy Friday,

I'm starting an online marking campaign and assume I'll get a lot of requests for cut vinyl which is something I do currently not do a lot of and when I do I outsource it. I'm not sure if the margins are there. But if I'm going to get a lot of requests I might as well. What width plotter do I need to cover the majority of business?

Thanks. Have a good weekend.


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Somewhere between 15" and 60".

Sometimes it's easier to cut a 50" line of copy across the width, rather than cutting into the roll. Then, you might have enough multiples to warrant going into the roll. It's best to be ready for most any possibility, then to tell people you hafta sell them on high costs because of a limited piece of equipment. They really don't care what your problems are, just get theirs done on time for little cost.


CorelDRAW is best
We use a 60" but most of our spot color vinyl rolls are 15" and 30". All our printed vinyls are 54". I'd say it depends on your budget.


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Hi Mark. It depends on what kind of work you're going after and what your volume is. I've always been a low volume sign maker and have always used a 24" and it's been fine if you're ok paneling larger jobs here and there.

If I was a large volume vinyl shop and was in the market for a cutter, I'd probably go larger just for convenience sake.


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Id buy 54 just to have it but cut vinyl 24-30" will cover about everything. Handling, weeding and taping much larger is just a pita honestly. There's not a huge demand for large 48"+ cut vinyl either. If you want to wholesale, you need to limit what you offer and cant be everything to everyone. Id stick with small color rolls and maybe keep a couple larger rolls in primary colors; black white red.


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I ran a 24" Summa for years and don't think I ever had to panel a job. Lots of small repeat orders. I'd load a 50 yard roll and let it rip.


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The 62” Summa has an optional rewinder which is works out great for large jobs. 30” would be a great option to get started since the work you are describing should easily fit that width. We have the 62 with rewind and plan to add a 30” to boost production. I recommend the S2 T and I don’t have an opinion on the opos-cam option. For cut vinyl you won’t necessarily need the opos-cam.


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A 30" plotter is all you need for cut vinyl. The vinyl is generally available in 24" and 30" rolls. (15" is also available, but can be too limiting). We buy most of our vinyl in 24" rolls because there are very seldom any jobs that need taller lettering than that.