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Cutting With Coreldraw?


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Can I use CorelDraw vX3 to cut with a Graphtech FC7000-75?

I'm getting tired og using Flexisign V8. I have most of my designs in coreldraw. When I port it to *.AI or *.EPS and import it to Flexi ... I have to remove 50% of the points of the ojects. Then some of the times I double cut my vinyl. Havent figured this out yet.
Then when I draw lines or twike shapes with the Point Tool trying to adjust the shappes ... thats a job and half! With Coreidraw, its very simple, u have basically use the click methode ... point and click or double click ... no need to keep pulling down the point tool menu to control the points.



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you can to roland so probably - best bet is to try it - see if graphtec has any support/drivers if it doesn't show up in corel - my roland custs right out of corel and AI


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Chisel try contacting Graphtec they have a program that comes with their smaller cutter (CM23000MK2) might work. You should be able to cut using HPGL language and driver for plotter.


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I have had the same issue, mainly if there is text involved in the cdr file, then export it to .ai and open, the text will often be sliced and I have to go back and weld. However, I have found that if I simply copy in corel and then paste into flexi, then things are just fine. It takes less time than exporting anyway ;)


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get cocut pro,, u will never again have to export anything,, plus all the nice extra tools it has make it so much fun..


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You can use the new plug-in from Graphtec to cut from X3 to the FC7000. You must download it from their ftp site. To get the site and password just give them a call.