Dead printehad?


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Hi to all from Spain...

I have the following issue with a printhead (attched photo). My roland (soljet pro III xj-740) was normally printing in a moment and in the other make what you can see...

I have change the fuses, clean contacts, and replace data strips, and it stills do the same.

Whats its your opinion? I´m starting to believe that the head its dead...

Thankx in advance!


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I may not know what the problem is, but certainly the head is not dead,
it can not stop working without a cause in the middle of the print.

Hope you find out. Ari


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that type of behavior is data corruption. it can be caused by a loose data cable (loose cable is usually little stripes similar to what you are seeing intermittently throughout the print), bad head, ink in your printhead's data port, on your print head's board, burnt data cables.

be very careful at this point. you could do a lot of damage to the printer.

turn it off, then off on the back, unplug, then press the front power button several times.

first firmly seat the magenta cable into the data sockets. feel for a change in position that might give away that it was loose. take out the cable and inspect for frayed or burnt ends, look for traces of ink on the ends or around your magenta head.

if nothing looks suspicious then you'll next do a data swap. consult a roland owner/tech about a data ribbon swap on that machine to determine if the slider board or print head is bad.


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Thanks for your reply, i really appreciate it.

In this case the magenta data cable are new (in fact i have changed all data strips), the printhead board are new (i had an overtension that burnt it), and i have unmount and clean carefully the head and clean the contacts with an special cleaner spray.

If it´s important when i send a print it prints the image and covers it with magenta, no a little strips, ¡¡ side to side strips!!

this is the first time in years that i am stucked!

Thanks again!


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well, that side to side is not a rare issue. i've had it happen to two different printers. one time it was a loose ribbon. the other ink dripped onto the ribbon and followed the ribbon down into the print head frying my entire printer (of course i was stupidly changing a printhead and forgot to completely power down the printer.)


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yeah, looks like printhead is alive n' kickin!
my money's on the data comin' from somewhere it isn't supposed to...

anyone know if corrupt firmware can do this?

(mainly a question for consideration, i'm no tech, but I do have a backup disk with my printer's firmware in case I needed to reinstall in the future)


While it's not outside the realm of possibility that the fw could have become corrupted, it's very rare. I'm agreeing with artbot, it looks like a data issue.

While the data cables may be new, you could have gotten a bad one delivered.

Power off as explained above, and switch data cables to another head. If the problem follows the cable, you know the cable is bad. if it stays with the head, then it is either a head issue ( possibly ink dropped on the electronics ) or the head hdc board.

Inspect your head data cable to make sure that you haven't "turned" an end, the little silver connectors that go into the slot on the heads are very important, if it's turned over it can possibly short against another connector.

Hope it helps.


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First of all THKNX to all for your time and your answers, i really aprecciate it... :U Rock:

After trying everything that you suggest me, the only thing that solves the issue was change the head, i suposse that the printhead board was broken.

What i have done too was install a UPS to prevent electronic failures caused by overtensions..

Once again thankx a lot!!