Did you ever


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Have a cartridge that just won't die?

I always pull the cartridges to check them to see how full they are.
VersaWorks lies sometimes.

About a month ago, I noticed the black all but gone.
Ordered a replacement but still using the old one.
Before every job, I check it.
The dang thing still has about as much ink in it as it did a
month ago.

I have printed countless banners and vinyl
and it's still going.

Much of the vinyl were real estate signs that
have black backgrounds.

We've been running this machine for 4 years
and never had seen this kind of thing before.

Odd, no?


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my vast printer knowledge leads me to believe....
you are part of a test group for Willy Wonka, and they are experimenting with off-label uses for the everlasting gobstopper formula.

i could be wrong... it just seems like the most obvious possibilities

sfr table hockey

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I was just going to say that........ other than that I would think your banners or files printed with the black may have used more of a CMY combo to get the black and not as much just 100 K. Or you have your drain bottle recycle back into your black cart...... the stuff looks black.... might work...