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Difference in Edeg foils


New Member
Hi, what is the difference between gerber foils for an Edge 2, Duracoat, and Zeronine foils? And which do you prefer to use? Thank you


Professional Snow Ninja
I prefer to use Gerber foils just because I have the most success rate with them. AND if there's ever anything wrong with a print and I need to call Gerber, I can say I'm using their foils and vinyl.

That said, I do keep some ZeroNine foils in stock. Basic colors to use for quick decal runs or simple signs. I reserve the Gerber foils for projects that have a longer life expectancy.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Gerber foils are tested and included in the various color palettes provided with Omega including PMS color matching. Certain internal technical settings are provided as well. The result is that one gets more reliable results when printing than with aftermarket foils such as Duracoat or ZeroNine. The trade off is price with Gerber foils typically costing 50% to 100% more.

Aftermarket foils fill a need for more economical foils for everyday work where the highest standards aren't needed. In my experience they work acceptably well almost all the time. When they don't, switching to the closest Gerber color fixes the problem.


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I too stick pretty much to Gerber foils. I did use Duracoats for a while, the process colors, black, white, tom red...but when my supplier dropped them so did I.

Mike Paul

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Gerber foils are definitely the best.
If you take a little Isopropyl alcohol and rub it on the print it won't come off. With the original Zero 9 foils the ink would come off.
The Zero 9 Nex-Gen foils are much better and more resistant. I never cared for the Duracoat foils with the flimsy plastic...