Digital printer that also cuts?


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I am researching a digital printer that also cuts. Does anyone have any advice? I have a vinyl cutter and have doing that for many years, but now it's time to add-on. All advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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Many of our Merchant Members have what you're searching for...... Check out their sites.


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Thanks for the help---I appreciate it!!!!!!!! Looking to see if it can be economically feasible.


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Why specifically are you looking for a print and cut machine? I have found in the past, if I had one do it all machine it would bottle neck my shop. You having the additional cutter would help remedy this a little. If print speed is an issue, compare real world print speeds for the combo machines vs. just printers, I think the combo machine are slower.


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Tryingtolearn may be correct. If you are looking to do stickers all day long, a print and cut is the answer. I am not saying that the print and cut does not have its place by any means. Most sign shops are printing, lanimating and then cutting. Or running banners and so on. If you have cut jub you have to wait.

On the other hand, a printers expected life is average of 7-8 years. Cutters are around 15 or longer. Not saying that they can not last longer if you take care of the unit. Hope this helps. Like I said, they do have there place but try not to clog up the work flow.


we have had roland machines for about 5-6 years now and very happy
sp300 and vp540 we are now looking to get a 3rd the vs640
few minor repairs(capping station, pump upgrade and encoding strip)


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We have an SP540 and as nice as it is to have an all in one machine, it does have its downside as well. As mentioned before, it sucks needing to cut something but you cant cause you have to wait on another print to finish. Would be nice to print, pull out, start another print and move on with the first to laminate and then cut while your printer is working. The Roland doesnt seem to cut as well either. but overall its been a good machine, gets the job done.


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I have two print and cut solutions. Gerber Edge and plotter. Mimaki JV3-160S and Graphtec 8000-160. If I couldn't print and cut at the same time, I would be seriously backed up.

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Watch this video from signwarehouse comparing a Roland print and cut to a printer and a cutter.

I know they are selling the printers and cutters over selling the Rolands but they claim the two seperate machines work faster than a combo machine.

If you have the room I'd get seperate units, IF the cutter broke, you'd still be able to print and vise a versa.

A combo machine goes down your out both functions untill repaired.

At least thats what I plan to buy, seperate machines.

Scroll down to the 3rd video sign myth busters episode 1.

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I have a roland fj400 8 color printer like new, for sale. It doesn't cut, and if you are interested in it, you'd have to come to prescott arizona to see it.its bheen sitting for 5 yrs and needs to be serviced. Lots of substrates and extra ink carts go with it. Make an offer. 938-778-5879


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Thanks for the abundance of information! I am really not too worried about the speeds of these machines. I do have a cutter already, but want to get the finished product in one step. My cutter has been a workhorse, but I want to get a print and cut machine for small decals. Seems that in the past year I have subbed out thousands of hard hat decals because I can't print. I have a contract with a very large company wanting decals of this size. That is why I ask for your opinions. Thanks again!!!!


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I was seriously heading down the all in one option also before I bought the two separate machines. I'm glad I didn't go that route. I've had to print, laminate and cut 1000's of decals and having the ability to print, take out to cut and start another print job has paid off. Now for a shameless plug - I've got a 48" Falcon Outdoor on eBay as we speak. Has been a great printer. I know a shipped that can bring it to you for a great price. #150428676816.


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YES, everyone should get separate machine for print and cut.
The only time you need 1 machine to do both print and cut is when the design is not need to be dry properly and that only valid on thicker media.

If you cut a premium vinyl which usually about 2 mils, when doing bleeding ink of needed cut area ; the vinyl will curl due to the lack of drying time.

If you print a 4'x4' decal, and having bleed ink area that cutting blade need to go over the ink; you will have to wait until the ink dried up good before you cut it. And if you have to laminate the print first; it's dejavous again.

If you have to wait for the inks to dry anyway, you will have to take the media out, if you have other jobs to do. Then having to feed it back again later to do the cutting again.

Or another case, if you have to cut like 150-300 decals , your machine which is going through that many cuts will eventually need more frequent fine tune and print/cut calibration more often.

Graphtec 5000 series or above with ARMS, has amazing speed, and very innovative technology on media sensors; it can stop the cut job if the media is accidentally off-sensor; and still can get back to it and continue cut.

If you using print/cut machine as for doing prototype pieces for marketing and research, then a few piece here and there should be fantastic. But for signs business, you may want to consider production workflow of your print/cut case study; before you decide.

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