Digital Sandblasting.

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Don't know of any, but wow...that will be a lot of z-axis action. SignCraft had an article a while back about cutting textures from grayscale raster files. Perhaps you could find a rasterized wood texture and work from that.


I know how to do it in coreldraw but haven't seen any tutorials around. Out of desire, figured it out by trial and error.


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just goofed around with it.

get your file of wood grain. (this image is 2700x500ish)

type what you want to emboss or use an image.

make a selection of the words, cut and paste a wooden version of it from below (your wood file).

then go to filters>stylize>emboss

i chose 90degrees, height 7pix, amount 200%, enter

filter the layer to linear light.

in layer style choose

inner shadow

opacity 74%
distance 8
choke 12
size 10


chisel hard
depth 530%
size 2pixels

highlight mode 14%
shadow mode 75%


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Does anybody know of a tutorial on how to create a sandblasted look with the woodgrain in Photoshop?
I need clarification here, you want a tutorial on how to create a wood grain effect in photoshop from some of the responses they seem to think you are looking for a cnc file to do wood grain,


I'm not sure which effect you're looking for. The only one I use is this one to show what a sandblasted background would look like.

I don't remember the last time where I blasted the letters into the background, I usually v-carve my lettering instead.


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Pat I hope this helps. This is the best way I can try to explain it. I'm using Corel X5 but I think versions 12,13, and 14 have the same interactive fill tool. Use the hot key on your keyboard (G) and it should bring it up. It's normally down towards the bottom on your tools at the left just below the outline pen tool.

Take any shape, select it and hit G. You will see a drop down option box on the top of your screen which should say No Fill. Choose Bitmap Pattern next from the list of fill options. You will see a library of patterns next to the drop down box. Scroll down through them and you will see some wood plank deigns. After choosing one, you will see some handle points. You can use these to resize, rotate, or move the embedded wood pattern.

If the color does not suit you, convert this vector fill to a bitmap from the bitmap option at the top of your screen. Once you convert it to a bitmap you can then edit the color from you image adjustment lab by changing temperature, tint, saturation, brightness, etc.

Warning, if you're attempting to design this effect at full scale on some large signs, it can really choke your computer if it's not a powerhouse. I generally scale down my full size files to a smaller manageable size just for my presentation purpose.


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in reverse

thanks.... also here's the debossed version, just invert your selection.

instead choose in layer style

outer bevel
chisel hard
depth 205%
size 1px

highlight 100%
shadow mode 66%


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That is awesome! I havent practiced it yet but when I do Im posting it back on this thread.

Chopper; I love the look of sandblasted signs, especially the real ornate ones. I have never made one though i know of a sandblaster that does work for a local sign company, I'm afraid the learning curve maybe too expensive. Plus i never been much of a painter. I have a pediatricians office sign to design and wanted to digitally print the look of an ornate sandblasted wood sign.

Thanks for the help guys!


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The closest I ever came to making a realistic sandblast look is this one.
Although the "boards" probably couldnt actually make a sandblasted sign.
I like the sign.


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it's photoshop.

i've had to practice doing embossed proposals for all the aluminum etching i do.


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ha! wasn't that in some movie? being an artist usually results in attracting artsy girls. and you know what that means? they are usually (always) a hot mess.

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