Do government jobs get charged sales tax?



I have never delt with any government jobs and i have a small sign job for a guy who works for the state goverment but has a district office in a city not in DC.

Would he get charged sales tax since he works for the government or no?

Thanks guys!


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Depends. City and county governments usually pay, but there is no hard and fast rule for this one - it is totally dependent upon the contract. It usually states it pretty clearly on the page you will fill out with your numbers on it.

But to answer your question more specifically - in your case it sounds like he would pay sales tax.

Hope it helps.


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Just another thought - if you are unsure about it: Call and ask, and if he/she is unsure, charge sales tax and reimburse them if they were not supposed to pay. BUT - make sure to get a W-9...


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In Louisiana anything to do with the government is not taxed. No sales tax for cities, parish, schools, police and sheriff departments, etc.
Might be different in your state.


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Why not get it from the horse's mouth and look it up on your State's website....The only thing that is relevant is how it works in your jurisdiction...


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Get a tax exemption certificate form, have them sign and date it for your files.

You people....... just taking their word for it are not following a good business practice. Everyone is taxable until they put it in writing and date it. Everybody.
EVERYONE get's charged sales tax, unless they provide a copy of their exemption certificate. Period. No exceptions.
With the only acception that if you are able to collect the sales tax in the area that they are in. Out of state I do not charge taxes currently since I am not able to do so. I ship signs all over the us and can only charge tax for those in NY.