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Dongle error


Active Member
:help: When sending a file to the Edge, I often get a dongle error which say the computer "doesn't see the dongle and should it try again or go to demo mode".
I hit no again and again to it goes back to normal, or I have to restart.
This seems to have started happening after I upgraded to Omego & XP.


New Member
I was having this same problem. I had to do something with Rainbow Config. When I get home today I will check my email for the solution I was given.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Check the Rainbow Sentinel Driver Config. It should be set so that the only port marked Yes is the port where the dongle is plugged into. If that doesn't fix it, then the next best possibility is that it is Windows XP Service Pack 2 related.

Dale Horn

New Member
Check that the power is always on for the USB ports in the control panel. Power manangement can turn the usb port off so the software can't find it's dongle. :glasses:


New Member
I got an error like this too with my p2c know it is not the same as a great edge however I found that I solved it by changing to USB2 and not just the USB port. not a problem since I did that.