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Does anyone know how safe dried ink/print is after being gassed off when printed through a solvent printer? Thinking of Printing on clear PVC Sheets for Table cloth/cover.
EcoSolMAX3 is GreenGuard Gold certified, so VOCs are extremely low. Still not sure how comfortable I'd be having them that close to food, but they are approved for use in hospitals, schools and other sensitive areas.


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Am I right in assuming in that if I was to Give the print a quick clean / Hose down, it will get rid of any lingering VOC's?
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If were latex, I might be inclined.

Solvent inks of any kind are not going on my table;
and photo prints from any solvent printer are not going in my home for
at least a month.


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If you are concerned, once the solvents have evaporated (out gassed) just laminate the print with clear to encapsulate the ink.


typically, finished product off of a solvent/ecosolvent printer SHOULD be laminated for longevity and at that point, its no different than having a plastic fork on your dinner table.

If unlaminated, its still not "bad"...i guess, BUT little bits of plastic (pigments) will most likely scratch off and wind up on your hands, in your clothes, and in your food. (insert rant about cheap unlaminated prints in the marketplace)