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you can get legal OEM versions from ebay. But they do not include any books or any support. This looks like one.
One bad feedback from a customer that talked to adobe.
he has a load of buyers over a period of time. IF he was pirating they wouldve likely kicked him off long ago.

Fred Weiss

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The deal appears to me to be that you will be getting an older version of Photoshop which must be installed. Then when you install the CS2 UPGRADE, also being provided, you will be "legally upgrading" from an older version and therefore are getting a lower price than a new full copy.

That will probably work providing the old version of PS is also legal and transferrable as stated in their writeup. Not sure what Adobe's position is on this maneuver to defeat their intent for upgrades and not so sure I'd want to find out.

As previously mentioned, the upgrade being offered is to CS2 which is about to become one version out of date anyway.

Craig Sjoquist

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all looks ok to me but older legal version , if ya got the money buy newer, if ya don't buy a even older legal version, then upgrade to newest save that way alot more ......,my corel X3 cost $185 that way ,wish I could of afford full box version tho
thank you nenjoy life


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I wouldn't worry about using Photoshop CS2 vs CS3. I'm still using v7! It's Illustrator that I have to update all the dang time due to compatability issues.