Eco Solvent Inks for ROLAND PRINTERS


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Anyone familiar with after market inks for the Roland CJ500/ I am converting one over to run eco solvent, and would like your feed back regarding the types of ink you are running. I just found a site selling a brand called WINCOM. Anyone know anything about them? Also where are you finding the best price performance balance? Prices per liter? Dealers who handle this?

Thanks for all the help on my earlier post I am ready to order inks, so any input is GREATLY appreciated.

Gordy Saunders

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I am wanting to know about after market inks such as SolarisRoland R1121 Series 440.

Is anyone using this ink, and if so what is your opinion of it, and are you happy with its preformance?

Gordy Saunders

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So, I am to gather that nobody on this forum has any experience with after market inks such as SolarisRoland R1121 Series 440!!!


Gordy Saunders

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I've talked to one guy that is using it here in Tampa in his Roland. I says he has had no problems. The ink is compatable with OEM and you don't have to flush your system before using it. He said there is no difference in colors.

Robert M

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did you install heaters under your plattens? You will need heat to get any of the newer inks to work.


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Thank you and thank you.

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