Edgecap notcher.....


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where can I find one please???


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Fred Weiss

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I bought that exact tool from Sign Supply USA. I think you will find that any supplier who carries substrates and edge cap will either stock it or be able to order it for you.


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I wonder if instead of a.....

$152.00 "sign tool"...Home Depot would have a similar item
around 20 clams!!??


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Good idea shovelhead. Seems all these "sign tools" are over prices, like this edge cap notcher, corner rounders and grommet machines.


Those edge cap corner notchers are actually manufactured for sheet metal work and can be found at your local HVAC supplier or as you said, probably the Home Depot has a similar item.

high impact

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We got ours from RJ Sign supply in St Louis. I think they are about $130

I would love to save some bucks but don't have time to hunt around. Good Luck!


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Bought ours at a trade show for about $50.00 I guess a trade show special.

You might be able to use a jewelite notcher.