enlarging powerpoint file?


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Is there any way of enlarging a Microsoft Powerpoint file? need to enlarge file i recieved from customer to make 24" x32" print , Im using coreldraw and photoshop, tried enlarging using both programs but came out very pixlated/


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Powerpoint is not artwork. You can't to my knowledge use it for any kind of printing with quality.

You will need to start from scratch.


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Tell the customer you will have to reproduce the artwork of which their is a fee.
We get this loads and have found the products in the microsoft are used as a design tool in offices. The office staff even think it is a proper design programme!
The artwork and reproduction qualty is pathetic and is completley unuseable above A4 size and even at that size is pretty crude.
It is fairly understandable that corel and adobe do not iport these files to well.



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do a search... as lowbrow as it is, I don't think the truth is that cut and dry... I think if someone embedded vector art in the pp file, you can get it out again.. not sure, but I think this may have been discussed..

by all means though, if the client can be coerced to pay for a redraw... by all means, go for it.... even learning to jump through hoops costs my clients money when I do it... but I think I did it once...


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Well I had a customer send me a publisher file yesterday lunch time.
The annoying thing is that I had already told him I would not take artwork from any of microsoft office programmes.
I called him and he said "Publisher isn't an office programme"!!!!!
Now if my memory serves me it is and if you saw the state of this it is an outrage to call it artwork.
This is a print, laminated onto 5mm foam 1Mx1M.
when checking the artwork I scaled it up and it measures 1.6Mx1M!!!!
Does no one know what a square looks like anymore?
He reckons he is going to get his friend to sort the arwork as "he knows about computers"!!!!!!

watch this space.



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Publisher is included in Office Professional and is available as a stand alone.

Must be good it's Professional! :banghead: