Excellent for Working with Microsoft Products


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My assistant discovered this program yesterday, and I have already used it several times in just one day. It is a free program that opens a lot of Microsoft files (that customers use to "design" with). Once the file is open, you can save it as a PDF - which then opens easily in Illustrator. The link to the download is below.



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that software is pushed a lot on the author's forum i'm a member of...never tried it...i have microsoft, so i don't really need it..


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open source software is the comming thing. I know a two docs offices using it now. FREE is good. Free and works is better.

Free and works and doesn;t bloat our machines is great.

Most of us willnever us 90% of the features in most commercial software.


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Now if there was only a free program that would open files from the newest version of Illustrator CS3 so that I could at least view them!


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On a sorta side note, anyone know if Linux will run CorelDraw X3? I know that there are so-called equivalent softwares, but will Linux open native Windoze softwares? I started looking into Linux, but have no real knowledge on the subject. I read that Corel v9 would run on Linux, but don't know any more than that.

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I do have CS3, but I agree on lesser versioned machines it would be great to have a utility that will take a CS3 file and "save-as" to a lesser version. now that would be a real useful tool.