Extruding in Illustrator


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Hey guys,I am using CS2 illustrator, and sometimes i like to give the font the prism effect, using 3d--Extrude--Bevel tool. I never can get this to work it misshapes the font out of control. I am usually forced to create the bevel by hand which can be time consuming. I would like to use this tool it would be great for proofing, so i dont have to put in the time only to find out they dont like it. Any suggestions, User error? Thanks


would also like to know....

I usually do that kind of work in Gerber, but would be faster in Illy sometimes.
It does not work well. If you want a good looking prism font you must build by hand. The effect in Illustrator almost always introduces anomalies


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So iam not the only one then having problems. I use LXi for sign making, it doesnt have that effect, so i have to do manually. I just thought that would be nice to have for quick proofs. Thanks guys

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Does it make any difference if you create outlines (convert to curves) before you do the extrude / bevel?

I have never seen any bevel function in the illustrator effects menu that looks anything like a hand done bevel/prism font. Someone enlighten me


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yup me too...i guess i should read mo bettah. I missed the font bevel phrase. I don't think there is any easy way to do it either, other than doing it by hand.